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#WakeUpWinter Reflections

This six-week challenge definitely helped me feel more love for the bleakest time of winter in NYC.

As of today, my 6-week #WakeUpWinter challenge has come to and end, but I will try to carry the 6 goals through into the rest of winter and beyond. This challenge was born out of this notion:

“Challenging myself to take six mindful weeks to re-invigorate body and mind while balancing work, life, and workouts along the way. My goal is to combat lethargy by focusing on getting deeper, fuller nightly sleep, and “eating for winter”–emphasizing seasonal foods, foods that promote sleep and alertness at appropriate times of day, and keeping the body nourished and happy.”

Mission accomplished. I am happy to say that this challenge has really helped me revamp my habits and with them my energy in the past six weeks! Compared to in December (right before I started this challenge), I have felt so much happier and more energized. In particular, I’ve noticed that my typical lowest energy time (around 2pm) has been so much less dramatic that I barely notice an energy dip. At the end of the day, I’m deliciously exhausted right when it’s time to go to sleep. It feels wonderful. So, for me the #WakeUpWinter challenge has been a big success. I will definitely plan to try it again next January! In the meanwhile, I’ll try to sustain my new and improved winter habits.

A few highlights for me:

  • Brewing up my tart cherry juice nightcap
  • Challenging my body and mind to immerse myself in a month of a difficult (but in the end rewarding) experience of 105 degree Bikram yoga
  • Honing my spiced butternut squash pie recipe to whole new level of nourishing, ditching the added brown sugar and gaining a creative cauliflower pie crust while remaining intensely delicious
  • Discovering, practicing, and sharing some of my new favorite at-home workouts that can be used to enhance your health and fitness even if you only have 5 minutes!

Along the way, I was thrilled to have support from some extremely motivating friends who tweeted, posted, worked out, and chatted with me to check-in throughout the challenge and share their own goals and tips to brighten up the dark weeks of winter.  Congrats to Erica for sharing the most inspiring tweets and winning the twitter contest and huge shout out to Kristin, Christie,  Amanda, Claire and Emily who were also #WakeUpWinter star motivators.

Just now discovering the challenge? You can start from the beginning and try out the 6 goals for 6 weeks anytime and see how you feel! Get started with week one here, then move through one goal at a time.