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The Simplest Way to Get Fit

The Simplest Way to Get FitWith so many misleading side roads, a straight forward path to fitness is often hidden. It’s hard enough to change our behaviors and succeed in sticking to a plan, so let’s not over complicate the plan itself.

  1. Make half of what you eat plants with a very short shelf life (+ make sure much of those plants are leaves).  If you make one meal/day a big salad this is totally doable.
  2. Workout to your safest high exertion 4x+ / week for 30+ minutes
  3. Move whenever you can naturally every day.

What are examples of plants with a very short shelf life (aka eat more of)? Fresh fruits, vegetables, frozen one-ingredient fruits/veggies (no sugar, salt, or sauce added to frozen package).

Those tough workouts? You can do them 6x/week if you’re up for that but 4x/week is going to still get you results that count. Got 30 minutes for these? Go for it. Got 60? Even better.

If you are physically capable of going for the more-movement option, take it. Very few of us should really be taking an elevator at the gym.

Simple plan. Now simply plan it. We tend to be more successful in hitting our goals when they are on the books. Get your calendar into shape with a realistic plan for the next 7 days, commit, and pursue!