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Tart Cherry Deep Sleep Nightcap

My post-workout, potion for a better night's sleep and a better workout tomorrow
My post-workout nightcap  for a better night’s sleep and a better workout tomorrow

As I mentioned in my “Second Week of #WakeUpWinter” post, which focused on strategies for a better night’s sleep, one tip that I’m trying out is sipping 100% tart cherry juice an hour or so before bedtime.

Tart Cherry Nightcap


-100% tart cherry juice (6oz)
-pinch of ground ginger
-pinch of ground turmeric


Pour juice, shake in spices, stir, and savor. Sweet dreams.

Why? Here’s the recap from my “Second Week of #WakeUpWinter” post on the subject:

  • Tart Cherry Juice to replace late-evening sweets. There are some interesting studies (like this one) that suggest consumption of tart cherry juice may boost melatonin levels in healthy adults, helping to support a better night’s sleep. Research also suggests that tart cherry juice may help relieve post-workout muscle soreness and inflammation.
    • To apply the research, I’m trying out sipping my own little anti-inflammatory cocktail of about 6oz 100% tart cherry juice + pinch of ginger powder + pinch of turmeric most nights about an hour before bed. The additions to the juice were my own invention but I liked the idea of boosting my inflammation fighting powers and adding a little kick with the ginger taste.

Give it a try and let me know what you think. Just stick to between 4oz to 8oz max of the juice to keep the sugar level in check.