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Spring Cleaning

TulipsWith summer just around the corner, it’s time for some serious mind/body/home spring cleaning before this month ends.

Spring Cleaning Until End of May

  • GET OUTSIDE: Clear the mind, treat screen-fatigued eyes to an oxygenating palate of  greens & florals. My goal: get to a park every day if only for 10 minutes. Share your 10+ minutes of green time by posting a pic on Instagram with #10formyselfie.
  • GREEN UP: Re-center meals around lush leafy greens (local whenever available) and keep dressings light, just EVOO + fresh lemon/lime & black pepper. Amp up the raw veggies game (without shunning cooked).
  • MATERIAL LIFT: Clear out some closet space. As hard as it is to let go of things that hide under the shield of “I might want it some day” it felt wonderful to let go of the clothing I no longer wore, especially because giving it to Goodwill meant someone else would benefit. More space for new ideas. Good karma.
  • BREEZY CARDIO: Adding outdoor runs back into the workout schedule but the focus for me on these is pure enjoyment. I’m not currently training for any long runs so it’s more about finding satisfaction, runner’s high, and a balance of connection to nature and music immersion or catching up with a friend, than endurance or speed.
  • INDULGE IN A NEW PLANT: Now that I’ve cleared out a few things from the studio, I feel good about letting a few new things in. Welcome home rosemary & aloe.