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Snow Unstoppable

Winterize your cold weather gym trips5 Ways to “Winterize” Your Gym Routine

Winter chill may have shifted you away from morning jogs in the park, but you don’t have to hibernate. Hit the studios and gyms and fog up some mirrors this winter. When temps drop to certifiably freezing, follow these 5 tips to keep your workout routine from icing over:

  1. Pack a full change of clothes (minimum change of shirt).
    • If you don’t have time to shower, at least change your shirt before you step out. Your sweaty tank will feel like ice daggers if it gets hit with some wind through the seams of your jacket. If it has been raining or snowing, a change of socks is also imperative in case your feet get soaked on the way there.
  2. Don’t leave with wet hair!
    • For the same reasons you need that change of clothes, hair should be mostly dry before stepping outside. Below freezing temps are not known for producing great air-dry hair styles unless you’re on your way to a Frozen-themed birthday party after the gym. Even if you’re not washing your hair, touch up with a hairdryer if hair is wet from sweating.
  3. Wear your boots; bring your sneakers.
    • The hidden ice puddle will be far less treacherous in your boots. Slipping on a dry pair of sneakers when you arrive will help prevent rubbing, possible blisters and misery.
  4. Plan in extra commute time.
    • Mass transit may be delayed and it’s a good idea to slow your pace on icy sidewalks. If you’re bundled up with a hood or hat that blocks some peripheral vision, take extra care to watch for cars and bikes as you cross streets.
  5. Check your email for studio updates on severe weather days.
    • If a snow storm is expected or has hit, check for email updates from the studio. They may notify you that classes are still in session despite the weather or let you know about class cancellations. If you don’t get an email and need answers, give the studio a call. The phone may be ringing off the hook so if you don’t get someone right away check the studio’s social media pages as well-another common source of updates.