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Sixth Week of #WakeUpWinter

I’m grateful for the moments I’ve spent walking into sun & snow-filled Central Park these past few weeks.

As a dive in to the sixth and final week of my six-week #WakeUpWinter challenge, I’m very happy to share that I have, in fact, felt a significant boost in my energy and mood in the past five challenge weeks. It hasn’t been a Spartan practice of adherence to the rules; I’ve a had a few nights here and there when I’ve stayed up a bit too late and or had some snacks that went beyond nourishing, but overall this exercise has brought me focus to some guiding beacons of my best health.

I’ve been making the most of short burst of time to energize, savoring sips of sunlight, and dedicating time for an intensely sweaty new fitness experience. I’ve been cooking up wildly delicious and nutrient-dense foods that make me feel wonderful both while and after I enjoy them.

This week, I will keep the five past weeks’ goals in practice but will add my sixth goal’s focus:

  • Be thankful and be forgiving. This applies both to yourself and others. If you don’t quite hit all of the challenges one day, do not stress out. That is the opposite of the point! Gratitude is an important element of happiness. Spread good feelings all around by making a special effort to call out things you appreciate about others. Let go of frustration and anger over the small things that don’t have meaning (e.g. someone letting their hand touch yours by accident on the subway). Why? Winter in NYC has its harsh and brutal days. Sometimes I can feel my mood reacting to the elements. I want to separate the necessary fierceness it takes to successfully traverse the city from feelings of hostility and unnecessary stress.