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Re-think Your Gym Deodorant

PiperWaiThere has been a lot of chatter about charcoal + beauty lately. PiperWai is a nice surprise that harnesses a creative charcoal application.

First let me be clear, while I am intrigued and optimistic about most of the buzz being worth exploring, there is one stem from the charcoal trend that has veered way too far. Please, please, no matter how hard the juice shop tries to convince you, do not drink that charcoal lemonade… or any drink made with charcoal for that matter. Yes, this is a real thing being sold. No, drinking charcoal will not “detox” your body. The hype about health benefits for recreational consumption is completely unsubstantiated and very likely to cause more harm than good.

Alright, we’ve cleared the air about charcoal lemonade. What is the use for charcoal I am interested in today? There’s a little habit that many of us do without a second thought that I want to shake up: slathering on the antiperspirant before hitting the gym. There are a lot of situations when sweat is just not a socially accepted accessory. I get that. The gym, however, is a place where that rule should be broken.

Sweat is a vital part a your body’s natural cooling system.  If you’re working hard to drive your heart-rate up, as I hope you do in many workouts, you are going to heat up. So does it really make sense to put on that antiperspirant before the workout?  If you’re with me on this but not so psyched about getting smelly, good news. Here’s where the charcoal comes back in.

I recently saw charcoal creme deodorant brand, PiperWai, on Shark Tank, and just had to try it out. Finding a “natural” deodorant (without antiperspirant) can be confusing and, if you shell out for something useless, disappointing.  How did PiperWai hold up? Today I was at the gym for 5-straight hours of cardio, sculpt, and buzzing around between classes. I definitely felt more fresh from first sweat to shower and that is a long 5-hour stretch.

I’m a big fan of essential-oil rather than artificial fragrance scents and PiperWai strikes the right chord with me there. The scent reminds me of the refreshing eucalyptus towels that pamper luxury gym members. Gender-neutral, crisp, and spa-like. I’m a fan.