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Locker Room Survival Guide

Gym TimeGet in, get clean, get out.

In today’s studio fitness scene the locker room is an extension of the total workout experience. It can be the most refreshing reward at the end of a tough workout to step into that steamy shower. It can also be a major pain when you get stuck at the end of a slow-moving line, feeling the chill of your cooled sweat set in.

Here are the locker room survival tips I secretly wished you knew:

  • If anyone is waiting, do NOT take your time: wash, rinse, and go!
  • If you are comfortable doing so, change outside of the shower stall. If you’re in a line, get changed out of sweaty clothes while in the line instead of waiting (again, if you’re comfortable with that).
  • Always, always bring and wear flip flops. No matter how upscale or clean the facility is, you are still at risk for stubborn (and gross!) foot conditions if the person who steps in the shower before you had say a foot fungus or a wart. Save yourself the misery and help stop the spread. If you have any cuts on your feet you will be especially vulnerable, so flip flops are a must in this case.
  • Those free razors? Use them for quick touch-ups but the gym is really not the place for a full shave. For one, a cheap razor is more likely to leave you with nicks and cuts. Second, if there is a line waiting for you, taking time for a long shave is simply not good karma.
  • Don’t move the products from public to private domain. That awesome bottle of body oil is meant for all to share, not for you to sequester into your private shower where no one else can use it.
  • Focus on getting clean and ready, not on your phone. Step out into the lobby for calls, and avoid blocking others from getting to their lockers while you’re spending some time reading social/emails/text. (And, of course, never take photos in the locker room. That photo of you and your bestie may accidentally include some very awkward nudity in the background.  You many even get into legal issues with this. Plus seeing that flash, will likely get you some angry stares from those mid-changing.)
  • Most studio locker rooms I’ve seen today, offer you a plastic bag for your sweaty clothes. Separating the sweaty stuff from the rest of your bag is a win. If you have bags you can reuse, or a spare pillowcase from an old bed set, you can go more eco-friendly but still spare your bag the mess.

Early morning or during lunch hours are particularly time-sensitive times for many who need to get to or return to work.

If you’re showering on an off-hour time with no one waiting on you, go ahead and indulge in a slower pace.

Enjoy the post-workout bliss of a great clean-up, and some good karma for your consciousness while you’re at it.