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Find Your Workout Moment


Like so many things in the realm of health and fitness, finding the “best” time to workout isn’t a generic answer. For myself, I strive to wake up with exercise, even if that means just a 7 minute app or a 10 minute jog around the park. On mini morning workout days, I try to go for something deeper in the evening but the little morning burst is still important to me.

Picking the best time for your workout routine, and then sticking to it, takes work but is well worth it. Here are some tips to help you succeed:

  • First, sketch out your typical day & highlight potential workout opportunities. When do you need to be at your first commitment (work, school, etc.)? When do you typically go home and what are your commitments in the evening/after work? Do you have time to yourself mid-day, such as a lunch break? Take a highlighter and highlight the times that could be workout opportunities. Commit to picking one time per day, even if you’re slightly skeptical.
  • Next, think about when you have the most energy and add check marks to times you may be free to workout. Are you a morning person or is dragging yourself out of bed before the sun your own personal mission impossible? Put a check mark next to your highlighted times that you may have free as to when you can see yourself being at least half awake.
  • Now, fill in the highlighted, checked times with classes or workouts to commit to and sign up for the classes. SIGN UP for those classes so you have time planned and hold yourself accountable and be sure to mark your own personal calendar (I like to use Google Cal).
  • The night before, prep for each class. Have everything you need ready to grab-and-go the next morning so you don’t feel rushed.
  • Hold yourself accountable. Unless you get sick or injured in between the time you signed up and the time of the class, GO TO CLASS. For an extra boost to your ability to stick to it, plan to meet a friend. Social workouts can be among the most rewarding and hardest to make excuses to skip.